Training rules

  1. Pay the training fee in time. Advanced students need to register and pay before the first training of the semester.
  2. Proper capoeira uniform is mandatory (abadas, T-shirt) and should always be worn at trainings.
  3. As an advanced student you want to assist and aid beginners during training.
  4. Advanced students should help to collect and stash away instruments and other things after training.
  5. Advanced training (on Fridays) are specifically for advanced students and is not always suitable for beginners; conversely, during beginner training the focus is on the beginner, not the advanced.
  6. Payment for singular training sessions need to be paid before class.
  7. Be on time before class begins.
  8. If late, first announce yourself and request permission from the instructor before you start training.
  9. Write down your attendance in the binder before leaving the class.
  10. The instructor will notify you of water breaks during class; make sure you bring a water flask.
  11. Cellphones should be turned off or set to soundless mode during class.
  12. If you’re injured during class, always notify the instructor before stepping out from training.
  13. If you for some other reason need to step out of class, always notify the instructor before leaving and upon return.
  14. Be respectful, attentive and quiet when instructions are provided to the class.
  15. Always greet your class-mates before, during and after training.
  16. Respect the level of your class-mates.
  17. Advanced training is for student with gray “cordas” or higher.
  18. If you need to leave class earlier, always notify the instructor beforehand.
  19. As a member of Senzala Swedendê, you are a representative of your group. If you intend to visit an event by another group, like a roda, workshop or regular class, you need to request permission from your instructor.


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  • Good to bring for each class: water flask, bandage and positive energy!
  • Always ask if you are uncertain about a movement or sequence.