Stockholm Capoeira Festival 2019

Stockholm Capoeira Festival May 10 – 12 2019

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On the 10th, 11th and 12th of May 2019, Capoeira Senzala is organizing the annual Capoeira Festival. The festival is a three-day workshop taking place in Stockholm and is an event open to everyone who is interested in capoeira and the Brazilian culture, regardless of age.

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The festival offers a unique opportunity for children, youth and adults in our group and other groups to meet and get to know each other.

During these three days, classes are given in capoeira, dances such as samba, forró, Jongo, maculelê, African dance and music classes in traditional Brazilian instruments. In connection to this, a graduation ceremony is held. Each day ends with a dinner and dance.

Capoeira is practiced throughout the whole world and we invite teachers from many different parts of the world to share with everyone their knowledge and experiences. These teachers are a great source of inspiration that challenges the way of thinking and practicing of the participants. Majority of the teachers that we invite to the workshop have grown up with capoeira and the Brazilian culture. The teachers also bring their own students with them to increase exchange and build long-term relations between the participants.